Which is the Best UK Energy Company?

Many people forget that they are not locked into using only one energy company. In fact, a solid way to save money is to switch between energy companies. Since companies tend to give their best deals to new customers, it may be worth your while signing up with a new company when your current contract ends.

To some extent, your choice of energy company wil be dictated by where you live. Not all providers supply to all areas. However, there is nearly always some choice. So which energy companies provide the best deals?

The Big 6

The UK has six leading energy providers. British Gas, Eon, Npower, SSE, EDF Energy and Scottish Power are the big players in the energy field. Given that they are the biggest and most profitable companies, you might think that they are in the position to provide the best and most competitive services. But you’d be wrong.

A recent survey of customers using various energy companies showed that the big six all rank close to the bottom of customer satisfaction statistics. Out of the big six, SSE ranked best, with Npower doing worst. So if you only have the choice between the big companies, SSE is probably your best bet.

Smaller Energy Suppliers

Interestingly, the best energy companies ranked were small companies. Good Energy received the highest customer satisfaction rating, with Ecotricity and Utility Warehouse coming close behind. One of the benefits of using a smaller company is a better level of customer service, which is something that Good Energy received exceptionally high ratings for.

Best in What Way?

Which brings us to another point. When we say the best energy company, what exactly do we mean? The smaller companies who scored so highly didn’t offer the cheapest prices. In fact, Good Energy was a full quarter more expensive than the cheapest tariff. However, customers were impressed both by good customer service and by a high interest in using renewable energy, which is what made Good Energy come out on top.

Big 6 Hidden Extras

A common complaint about the big six companies was that, though they often offered cheap tariff prices, those prices weren’t the number that customers actually received on their bills. Companies were liable to tag on extra charges to direct deposit bills, and customers were sometimes unaware that they were being charged more than they should. Plus, the level of customer service with big companies was often terrible, leaving people waiting for weeks to get repairs and maintenance done.

Charges OR Service

It seems that choosing the best energy company has to be a balance between their charges and their services. Choosing the cheapest tariff may not be the correct way to choose your company. Having a cheap bill is great, but isn’t particularly helpful if your services aren’t actually working.

Looking for customer satisfaction ratings, and basing your decision on that may result in more expensive bills, however. So whilst there may not be such a thing as the best energy company in the UK, there is the best energy company for you. Choose wisely.

Best UK Energy Company

Phil Turner is amazed when his research shows that large and profitable UK energy companies such as eon electricity fail to invest in customer service.

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