Top 5 Christmas Experiences Worth Avoiding

While people around the world are looking forward to Christmas, there are still a number of experiences over the festive period that are always worth avoiding. What should you be looking to steer clear of over the coming weeks?

Shops on Christmas Eve

If you are someone who needs to shop on Christmas Eve, then you are likely already in too much trouble. If you have anything to do with it, ensure that you avoid stepping foot inside a retail establishment at all costs.

Obstacles you will face will range from panic stricken customers who don’t know what else to buy, to those who are downright angry that a shop has sold out of something, despite it only being a couple of hours until closing time.


Unless you enjoy taking part in something that can only be described as ‘feeding time at the zoo,’ then steer well clear of the post-Christmas sales. Although the modern economic climate has taken some of the sting out of these occasions due to sales starting in the middle of December, they are still not for the faint-hearted.

Should you be headed to the shops regardless, try and head to stores that aren’t allowing returns until the first week of January. This will avoid you encountering angry customers for the second time in a week, and having to listen to hyperbole-laced shouts such as ‘you ruined my children’s Christmas!’

Drunken Relatives

You know that you are only going to see Uncle Paul and Auntie Sue on Christmas Day, but you could still do without having them having a bit too much to drink and promising that they will come around more often in the New Year.

Strike a balance between keeping away from them, and making sure that they forget what they were saying, so you don’t see them until next Christmas!

The Upset Child

There is little worse than buying your child the gift they have been waiting for months to open, only to realise that you forgot to buy the all-important batteries that are needed to make it work.

The box even says ‘Batteries Not Included,’ so unfortunately there is no excuse. Double-check your home supply of batteries and other toy essentials so that the kids aren’t left upset.

The Lunchtime Debate

Unfortunately, because at Christmas many of us spend time with people we ordinarily wouldn’t, a general chat over the dinner table can often turn into a heated discussion, usually over a trivial point.

Stick to the silly jokes in crackers rather than getting involved, and ensure that your whole family has a merry and memorable Christmas.

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