Top 10 universities in the World in 2013

Cambridge surpasses Harvard Again in positions of Best Universities in the World. For consecutive two years, the University of Cambridge U.K. ranked higher than Harvard in the World’s top Universities. Six distinctive points were assessed to rank the top 400 universities in the world, comprising academic status, management repute, student’s ability ratio, share of worldwide facilities, quantity of global learners; and credentials for every faculty were discussed.

A separate status of the top 100 Asian universities emphasizes the enthusiasm of the Asian region, in which China, South Korea, and India are spending profoundly in higher education to accommodate both home and international students.

In order to contemplate the exclusive quality of the region this year, a discrete method from the top 400 global positions was utilized, with points like Asian academic repute and study of Asian employer.

Japan, whose financial system is gradually improving from the destructive earthquake and tsunami, was leading in the Asian positions, having five Japanese schools in the top ten.
In China, the world’s main source for international students at U.S.
universities, made progress for its own schools. Peking University and Tsinghua University were in the top twenty excellent Asian universities, doing exquisitely in the educational and employer reputes.

Latin America is making considerable improvement, as the Universidad de São Paulo took the No. one place in rankings of the top 100 Latin American universities, surpassed Chile’s Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile by 0.4 points in its total score. Brazil was the obvious leader, with three institutions in the top 10 and eight in the top 20. Brazilian universities did well in events such as papers per faculty and part of academics with Ph.D.’s.

Mexico–with two organizations in the top 10 of the Latin rankings achieved adequate status in the region, in spite of less performance in research.

MIT surpassed all engineering and technology positions, having top place in the computer science, aeronautical along with civil, chemical, electrical and mechanical engineering with developed engineering regions.

U.S. universities likewise led in two other big categories of life science and social science Harvard was leading in biological science and psychology, and took the No. one position in accounting, economics, econometrics, politics, international studies and sociology, whereas Stanford was in the top for the statistics and operational research positions.

The arts, humanities and natural sciences showed some diversity at the top. Harvard once again took the major positions in most of the specific subject disciplines, the Oxford University of U.K. was No.
One for geography and area studies, and Cambridge topped both the linguistics, physics and astronomy positions.

top 10 universities in world

1. Cambridge University U.K.
2. Harvard University U.S.
3. Institute of Technology Massachusetts U.S.
4. Yale University U.S.
5. Oxford University U.K.
6. Imperial College London
7. University College London
8. Chicago University U.S.
9. Pennsylvania University U.S.
10. Columbia University U.S.

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