Special Education School

special education schools

Experts Denounce the Neglect Suffered Hyperactive Students

A teacher’s manual says that 5% of Spanish children have this disorder “I even thought it was silly. And worse: they took me from doctor to doctor and no one was able to diagnose what was wrong. “It is the bitter experience of Mario Lazarus. She is 19 and suffers from the syndrome ADHD (Attention »

Special Education School

The Government of Aragon created a Center Child and Adolescent Mental Health Educational Services

The building, located on the OPSI Movera, serves the medical and educational needs of children and adolescents The departments of Health and Consumer Affairs and Education, Culture and Sports of the Government of Aragon have launched the new Day Centre Child and Adolescent Mental Health Movera, a pioneer in Aragon that treats children and adolescents »

Special Education School

When Suspended Special Education School

They fail the title of the ESO, do not know enough math, sciences or English … And if you come to college and leave with a degree, are placed in positions that require less preparation. The rain of negative news about the knowledge of Spanish students and Spanish educational system health (from the University ESO) »