The Most Soaptastic Scents

Life is full of the finest luxury items. Unfortunately most of us can’t afford them! That’s why soaps are such a wonderful thing. Soaps are one of the few indulgent things that are easily affordable and accessible. For just a few bucks, any shower can be transformed into a spa experience, taking our senses for a ride to a fantasy land far from home. There is a scent for everyone under the sun. No matter how unique your tastes, finding a smell that suits you is an easy task.

Do you love warm, soft laundry right out of the dryer? How about the smell of the outdoors after a much-needed rain, or fresh linens hanging in a warm summer breeze? If so, clean scents are perfect for you. Many people with picky noses like clean smells because they’re subtle and some of them are quite soapy-smelling; that is truly the essence of clean! This family of smells include very light floral and grassy notes, hints of citrus, and scents inspired by the outdoors, water, and air. They’re very classic and usually calming, although some clean scents are known for stimulating and awakening a person.


Floral smells are quite popular and always have been. Since the beginning of perfume making, flowers and botanicals have been used to scent oils, water, and alcohol to make scents suitable for royalty. Floral smells are sweet, romantic, and playful. They’re a great choice for young girls and teenagers who want to experiment with scented soaps. They’re are also a favorite of women who have been perfuming themselves for years. The floral family is used in aromatherapy to uplift, center, and balance a person.


Who doesn’t like fresh cinnamon buns, warm toasted sugar, rich vanilla cream, and sticky honey? Dessert smells make everyone’s mouth water. They seem to be most popular around the holidays and this could be because of all the yummy baking going on during that time of year. They make a truly excellent gift because you would be hard pressed to find someone who dislikes desserts! These smells give off a cozy vibe that might have everyone around you wishing they were snuggled in bed with their favorite slippers and a good book. Who doesn’t want to remind people of cozy warmth?


Tropical smells take us straight to spring breaks passed. Coconut, pineapple, mango, and hibiscus are frequently used notes in these smells. Imagine the experience of sipping a Pina Colada on the white sand in your favorite bright bikini. That is something we could all use, and a shower with a tropical soap provides a sunny experience. They’re not commonly used in the winter, but it’s a great idea to remind yourself of the warm sun that will come out eventually by sudsing yourself with tropical island freshness.

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So there you have it. Try gifting these popular scent themes to your friends, because you won’t just be giving the gift of soap. You’re giving the gift of an escape from daily stress!

Maurice Aoyade is a freelance writer, with a love for making custom scented soaps. He recommends using Saffire Blue 538 Highway# 3 Courtland, ON N0J 1Z0 (519) 286-0295 for scented oils, and other supplies.

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