Samsung Tipped to be Top Manufacturer

If you were to ask anyone who is the top manufacturer of mobile phones they might mention names such as Nokia or Apple, but they may not be aware that Samsung is set to overtake both of them. Nokia has been at the top of mobile phone manufacturing for 14 years now but during 2013 it is expected that Samsung will inch ahead. Their share of the market worldwide was 24% in 2011 and the end of 2012 will see them with a 29% share. Nokia, on the other hand, has dropped to a share of 24% during 2012.

Reasons for Samsung’s Rise

One of the reasons for this is the turn towards smartphones. Basic handsets are now only in demand by a small percentage of the population. In 2011, smartphones accounted for 35% of mobile phone sales. In 2012 this figure had risen to 47% and this will rise to more than 50% in 2013 with some predictions putting the figure at close to 60%. If manufacturers continue to offer reasonably priced handsets this could be even higher.

The Fall and Rise of Nokia

Nokia was slow to make its mark in the smartphone market and originally used its own operating system which has not helped. They have now changed to a Windows Phone 8 operating system and the situation is improving. Refusing to go with an Android system originally left them with a number of problems. The Nokia Lumia range of phones has now become popular and there is always a chance that they could claw back some of these potential customers. The phones have gained praise not only from users but from critics too and while it is still early days, the company seems to have learned from its mistakes.

Samsung’s Strong Market Position

Samsung, on the other hand, already has a wide range of smartphones on the market, many of which use an Android operating system. The family of Samsung phones covers a wide range of budgets, so there is a phone there no matter how much money you have available to spend. By creating this range Samsung has been able to introduce itself to every part of the smartphone market and make a mark while manufacturers such as Nokia were still thinking about it.

The Overall Smartphone Market

Now that smartphones are becoming cheaper there are plenty of options out there, so more and more people are spending just a few pounds more and getting plenty more features into the bargain. The fact that the smartphone is also a camera, video recorder, music player and you can use it to access the internet means that people no longer need to think about carrying around all of these separate gadgets.

samsung smartphone

Remember that there are plenty of manufacturers out there and there are advantages and disadvantages to each handset. Look at what each one has to offer and work out what it is that you need from your phone. Find the right handset in the right price range and you should be able to use it for a long time to come.

Phil Turner has had Virgin mobile phones in the past and is looking again at their deals for next year.

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