Safeguard Your Home with Simple Security Measures

Home security is an essential for peace of mind and protection of valuables. Most importantly, a safe home means safety for the members of the household, the most precious gifts of all. There are simple steps that every homeowner can take to have a more secure home. If I can do it as a home maker, anyone else can do it too.

One of the most important places to start is with the locks on the doors and windows of the home. Each door knob should have a lock that is snug and cannot be opened with a credit card. For extra reassurance, adding a dead bolt is an excellent ideal. Locks that consist of a chain across the door are not enough. The windows should have locks as well. If windows do not have a tight fit because they are old, they could be pushed in easily by an invader. Buying new windows is a good investment for security purposes and to save on energy costs as well. If there is a concern about windows being broken regardless of locks, safety screens or metal grills can be placed in front of the windows. We tried grills on the bottom floor because there is a lot of crime in our city.

Posting signs is another deterrent to criminals. Even if there is not a security system, placing decals on the windows may be enough to turn people away. “Beware of Dog” signs are useful as well. Having dogs is an excellent safety measure for that matter. Larger, loud dogs will often turn trouble away. Our Golden retrievers sound really scary!

Having an alarm system is recommended. You can buy alarms that will sound when someone enters the home or take it a step further with a security company. This adds the human element with people who will contact the authorities and make sure that someone comes to find out what has gone wrong. Ours sounded once and the police were at our door within minutes.

Protect America Reviews on have been really helpful to me in using different ways to keep my family safe. We have put up more lights around the house that have motion sensors as well as those that illuminate the entrances and driveway. Light keeps fear away, makes us more comfortable and is a deterrent when we can see anyone lurking in the darkness. We have also learned to make sure the garage door is closed and check the garage before unlocking our car doors.

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