Popular Type of Lehengas for Reception

Lehengas are one of the most regal and royal forms of wedding wear that are donned by south and south-eastAsian women to weddings and other traditional functions. Barely rivaled by competitors Anarkali suits and sarees, lehenga allow a woman freedom of movement to flit from guest to guest gracing the occasion as well as look splendid while doing so. A little-known fact is that there are several types of lehengas that do the rounds of the market. In this article, we examine some of the most popular types of lehengas and bridal lehengas that are worn to receptions.

Straight Cut Lehenga:

This is one of the most popular and commonly worn types of lehengas owing to its versatility. The unique factor of straight cut lehengas is that they suit absolutely all body types and flatter the most unflattering of figures. These lehengas are straight cut, meaning that they fall from the waist to the ankle in one straight line. Most of these lehengas are accompanied by heavy designing and intricate embroidery to compensate for a lack of geometric complication. This makes the lehengas aesthetically creative, beautiful and unique in terms of pattern and design.

Lehengas for Reception

Fish-cut lehengas:

These types of lehengas have become quite popular off late, allowing brides to give a contemporary twist to weddings that are planned and executed in the traditional manner. The fish cut lehengas are designed to accentuate the hips and make curvy figures look absolutely ravishing. In terms of design, these lehengas fall down straight till the knees after which they flare out quite beautifully. The work and embroidery on these lehengas are not over the top, complementing the design of the fabric. Often, fish cut lehengas are accompanied by heavy pleating around the waist. This increases the weight of the dress but gives it a stunning look.

Circular lehengas:

Although circular lehengas are accompanied by quite a significant amount of weight, the reduced comfort is more than compensated for by the royalty which this dress portrays. Truly, a woman sporting a circular lehenga reminds one of the regal queens and princesses of ancient times. This lehenga type has a lot of volumes and a large flare throughout its descent from the waist to the ankle. As the name suggests, these lehengas have a circular shape and flare out to encompass the glances and envy of everyone in the room. Nothing portrays sensuousness and elegance as does a circular lehenga.

A-line lehenga:

A-line lehengas seem to do the impossible, that is, combining the excitement and energy of a dress that incorporates modern style and fashion along with traditional values and cultural designs. The A-line is a unique lehenga that greatly suits women with pear shaped bodies and looks stunning on most figures. Endorsed by numerous established designers, this style has been quite popular in the last couple of years, and industry experts reckon that it will continue to be so. The A-Line lehenga involves a straight line descent from the waist with minimal flare which harnesses the natural curvature of the body to look beautiful.

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