Did You Know This About Multiplayer Minecraft Servers?

written by: muaskk

Minecraft one is of the most interesting computer games available in the modern world. This game gives you a chance to enjoy while you are creating almost everything you might think of through the use of various blocks which are found in the game circles. You can have great time in the game world by digging mines and caves. In the mines and caves, you can get thrilled as you fight for treasure with monsters. So that you may do this with others, you have to connect to a server. This is where many people can join and play. The game becomes more interesting when Multiplayer Minecraft servers are in use. This gives you a chance to join hands with pals to get into the mines and dungeons as well as building larger structures together. With a Multiplayer server on Minecraft, you can be helped in coming up with huge structures.

So that you may be able to come up with a multiplayer server on Minecraft, there are certain things that you have to do. First of all, you have to ensure that you get to the premium level of your Minecraft account. Incase your account is of a lower level, you have to upgrade it so that you may adhere to this vital requirement. Secondly, you have to go ahead with downloading the Minecraft Server Software. Upon downloading, you have to ensure that it is properly installed for good operation. This software gives you the platform to have the best out of Minecraft world.

multiplayer minecraft servers

After downloading followed by installing, you should go to the command prompt by clicking “start,””Run” and open “cmd“. This will lead you to the command prompt. This should be followed by the typing of the instruction “ipconfig/all”. After that command, you should press enter. An IP number will show up which you should note down. After this, you should open the browser and enter the IP number appropriately and press enter. At this point, you will be required to enter a username and the corresponding password.

After performing the above, you should look for the gaming tab. With this, you should enter the number of ports you wish to have. At this point you should enter the IP address and save the settings. After doing all this, your Multiplayer Minecraft server port should be open. You should replace the user name in the Minecraft Server Software with “op username”. To complete setting your multiplayer platform on Minecraft, you should go back to the Minecraft window and hit the icon of Multiplayer. Type “:25565″, to have your server working. With this, you are able to have as much fun as you desire.

It is worth noting that doing all this is not expensive. Many people fail to get the best out of the gaming world citing high costs. Once you go for the Minecraft packages, you will be amazed by how affordable the rates are. With Multiplayer Minecraft Servers, the fun obtained in this games world will leave you feeling that you have realized value for your money!

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