How to Know What Backlinks a Site has?

If you are a blogger or an internet marketer, you know the importance of knowing about the backlinks that other sites are ranking for. It helps you great in terms of competitor analysis and also helps you get a competitive edge in your industry.

If many sites link to your site, then it means that your content is of high quality. It’s also a great signal to Google that the content is of high quality. The link building should be one of the major tasks in your online journey.

Rather than brainstorming new backlinks opportunities every time, competitor analysis of the backlinks saves you a lot of time, and also lets you know the backlinks that are already proven to help you well.

Let us know some of the best ways by which you can know for what are all the links that a site has.



According to a recent Ahrefs review, this tool has the largest backlinks index in the world. It indexes the new links on a site in a matter of hours. It is the best tool to check what sites link to what sites and explore the backlinks index of any site.

Apart from indexing huge amount of inbound links of a site, it also indexes the outbound links in a site by crawling the site often. The two features combined make a great difference in finding good link building opportunities.

It also has the list of all the keywords that a particular site ranks for. By this, you can know what are the keywords that are driving Google traffic to a site.

The tool is very simple to use. You just need to enter the URL of the target site in the search box. Ahrefs does the job of finding the keywords, backlinks and other valuable competitor data of the site. With this data, you can get to know about the strategies that your competitors are using on their site.


Majestic SEO

It has the second largest backlinks index. Apart from the live backlinks feature, this tool has a great feature. The feature is called the “Historical backlinks” index.

When you are buying a good domain, that perhaps is brand able, chances are there that the domain has been expired or used before. In those cases, you need to check whether there were any toxic links pointing to that domain.

Majestic SEO helps you to dive back in time, and inspect the link profile of any expired domain. By this you can know the nature of the content that was being published in that domain by the previous owner.

Although the backlinks index of Majestic SEO is not big as that of Ahrefs, it also has the live backlinks feature that reports you the backlinks that a site has as of now.


SEMrush is one of the popular tools that are known for reporting all the keywords a site is ranking for on Google. This tool also comes with a feature that reports the backlinks that a particular site has. Their backlinks index is smaller than that of Ahrefs and Majestic SEO but they are updating their backlinks database at a rapid rate.

I think SEMrush is an honorable mention in this post, as the backlinks index is decent, along with some other great features.

Final words

Although there are some of the other tools for checking the backlinks of a domain, I personally found these two tools to be great in terms of reporting maximum number of backlinks that a domain has.

Knowing the backlinks data of your competitor sites is very important to improve the SEO of your site. Having more backlinks to your site is a strong signal to Google that your site is of high quality. Treat the backlinks as the votes that other people give to your site for the high quality content.

Hope you loved the post.

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