The Government of Aragon created a Center Child and Adolescent Mental Health Educational Services

The building, located on the OPSI Movera, serves the medical and educational needs of children and adolescents

The departments of Health and Consumer Affairs and Education, Culture and Sports of the Government of Aragon have launched the new Day Centre Child and Adolescent Mental Health Movera, a pioneer in Aragon that treats children and adolescents between 6 and 18 years with mental health disorders that prevent them from cyclical form of schooling in your Special Education School in Karachi, Pakistan. This center, which became operational last November, has been created within the framework agreement recently signed both departments to collaborate on educational and health programs and in particular, in a line of joint work aimed specifically at preventing and attention to child and adolescent mental disorder.

Many children and adolescents are interrupted their education to manifest mental health disorders, diagnosed clinically by the specialized services that require therapeutic measures and having very disruptive behaviors in schools. Unable to attend transiently to reference their schools, are at a disadvantage and special educational needs.

The new center Movera comes to meeting the need of the child population of educational services to children and adolescents who temporarily can not attend their schools and need to reference both a therapeutic intensive structured environments, with coordinated intervention of professionals from the education and health sectors.

Institute of Behavioral Psychology is a multipurpose educational center. It is specialize in Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy School, Handicapped Children, Psychological Assessment and Psychological Testing in Karachi, Pakistan.

Features center

Children and Youth Day Center is integrated into the Rehabilitation Health Network Mental Health and is managed jointly by both departments. Located on the premises of the Institute of Specific Vocational Movera, is a separate building about 350 m2, dimensions that are adapted to living among children and young people, which can be a maximum of 15. It has spaces for health care and education, two classrooms, a workshop, two offices and consultation, as well as a warehouse. The staff consists of a multidisciplinary team of professionals, which includes two Therapeutic Education teachers, a psychiatrist, psychologist, mental health nurse and occupational therapist. It also offers shuttle service and dining.

Special Education School

The Department of Education, Culture and Sports funded staff and has provided the land and the building, which has been rehabilitated by the Department of Health. The latter is responsible for the funding of medical personnel. The established retention period is the minimum necessary to achieve the objectives of rehabilitation, adjusting the schedule and activities specifically for each patient. The center develops individualized rehabilitation programs through intensive psychotherapy treatments, occupational therapy, psychoeducation, structured recreational activities, assistance and support to families. The main objective is the rehabilitation of patients in their places of origin, family and social environment, therefore, all therapeutic and educational efforts are directed toward this end.

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