Why Everyone Needs a Good Criminal Lawyer

Most members of the legal profession feel that those who represent themselves in court have fools for lawyers. While state and federal justice systems certainly allow for self-representation in the courts, many persons who have attempted the practice don’t try it again. The justice system is frequently just too complicated for navigation by amateurs.

Traffic Tickets

Those charged with minor traffic offenses are often tempted to try their luck in the local and municipal courts where traffic cases are commonly heard. Some drivers with speeding tickets or moving violations often think that they’ll be able to find a sympathetic judge and subsequently receive a dismissal or a reduced fine. Most lower level judges have seen it all, however, and they are not easily swayed by a constant parade of would-be lawyers. Furthermore, even in municipal court systems, clients with legal genuine representation will often receive better case resolutions because most local attorneys do have good working relationships with the siting judges.

Civil Matters

Even low level litigation situations are no place for the inexperienced and uninformed. Litigants must be informed and well-versed in legal research, legal drafting, motions, discovery and trial procedures, and attorneys typically complete three rigorous years of law school just to reach minimum competency. In almost all states, lawyers must also pass a difficult bar exam in order to be licensed. Individuals without legal education are no match for experienced and accomplished civil attorneys.

Criminal Matters

All 50 states have penal and/or criminal codes that list specific penalties for those charged with crimes, and judges have lots of leeway in the determination of individual sentences. Even minor crimes like misdemeanors may have possible jail time attached that is at the discretion of a judge. While a qualified attorney will be aware of all legal avenues available to a client, it’s unlikely that a self-represented defendant will be.

All judges are not created equal, and some have reputations for toughness and non-leniency. While local lawyers commonly know which judges are more likely to hand down stiffer sentences, an unrepresented defendant will usually have no idea, and failure to ask for a change of venue can be a huge mistake.

Even most non-lawyers agree that those who have been charged with a crime need to engage the services of a good criminal lawyer. Anyone can study law, but the prison law library isn’t exactly the preferred place to begin.

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Peter Wendt is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on criminal law and legal issues.  His passion for justice and distrust of our legal system is what drives him to encourage everyone to attain adequate legal counsel.  If you need a good lawyer, Peter recommends considering these criminal defense attorneys in Philadelphia, PA.

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