Where can I Find More Information on Making a Claim?

For more information on making a claim the best place to turn is an accident claims helpline. An accident claims helpline is generally a large centre consisting of highly trained and experienced staff working in specialist teams.

When your call comes into an accident claims helpline you will be put through to a specialist claims manager who will offer advice on how to prepare you claim, and will sometimes even be able to take your claim all the way through to a final compensation payment for you.

What kind of advice will an accident claims helpline give me?

Every accident claims helpline will be a little different, having different specialties and service expectations. Here are the general things that you can expect an accident claims helpline no win no fee to give you more information on.

making a claim

  • The accident claims helpline will give you advice on the likelihood of you injury giving rise to a successful personal injury claim.

  • They will estimate the likely region of a compensation award.

  • They will give you an indication of the timescale of your claim as best they are able.

  • The accident claims helpline will be able to suggest way to immediately protect the likely success of you claim by gathering medical evidence, witness statements and any other paperwork.

  • They will advise you on the time limits which are likely to apply to your claim.

Going the extra mile

Any reputable accident claims helpline will be able to advise you on these and other matters, but the very best claims management companies, like Accident Advice Helpline, will go the extra mile by offering such additional benefits as:

  • A friendly, helpful and supportive level of customer service and support while they are communicating the information.

  • Information on payments structures, such as Accident Advice Helpline’s no win, no fee model of payment where you pay absolutely nothing unless your claim is successful and you are awarded compensation.

  • All the information given above on an initially no obligation basis so that the power over your claim stays with you at all times.

Do you have an injury claim which you would like advice on?

If you have suffered injury through an accident which wasn’t your fault then you should contact Accident Advice Helpline. Of all accident claims helplines, AAH offers some of the most reputable and highest quality advice on the market – they have over a decade of experience in doing so.

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