Experts Denounce the Neglect Suffered Hyperactive Students

A teacher’s manual says that 5% of Spanish children have this disorder

“I even thought it was silly. And worse: they took me from doctor to doctor and no one was able to diagnose what was wrong. “It is the bitter experience of Mario Lazarus. She is 19 and suffers from the syndrome ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). It is a hyperactive, to say the openness with which people express. Without treatment, was doomed to failure and, perhaps, social marginality. Today, well diagnosed, Mario Lazaro is a brilliant student of Mining Engineering, has a girlfriend, relates well with friends and studying without problems, although aided by the eternal tablet. Around 5% of Spanish children have ADHD, experts assembled by the publisher in the book LoQueNoExiste Hyperactive. Strategies and techniques to help them at home and at school.

These guys need, for example, more time to do the tests

Where in class must sit an overactive?, How much time must be for an exam, how to punish?, Are there any tricks to get your attention? The Association of Child Syndrome and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ANSHDA) hopes this book reaches all schools and teachers use it as a handbook to the problem behavior. The most developed countries, with the United States in the lead, have very strict protocols, of which lacks Spain.

“The most important [of this book] is that it gives the teacher a series of didactic and pedagogical guidelines to guide their teaching practice,” says Eva Almunia Badia, Secretary of State for Education and Training.

Murcia (4.79%), Canary Islands (4.72%) and Balearic Islands (4.62%) are the regions with higher rates of hyperactivity among children. Basque Country (3.37%), Navarra (3.67%) and Madrid (3.97%) have the lowest rates. Percentages are demanding urgent and concrete answers because “overcoming ADHD is everyone’s job.” What stresses Dr. Luis Rojas Marcos, from his experience as director of psychiatric services of public hospitals network in New York.

“There, once a child officially diagnosed with ADHD the school is required to make adjustments to their academic regime. For example, sit in front rows, and examinations, although the questions are the same, they are given more time to complete. Adjustments are regulated by the state and the school must comply, there is no alternative, “said Rojas Marcos.

Hyperactive The manual opens with a quote from The essays of Michel de Montaigne: “My soul is free and very own, and is used to conduct its own way.” this is the impression that cause children with ADHD to Mercedes Fisher, promoter of this initiative by the president of ANSHDA, Teresa Moras. The young Mario Lazarus puts it: “One thinks of an idea, but that idea leads to another, and another. You cannot focus your attention. And you get stuck. But being hyperactive also has something positive: imagination. He played with anything at home. “

Adults with ADHD describe the same feeling, as Russell A. Barkley, a professor at Syracuse University (New York) and one of the great researchers of ADHD. “I often say: ‘Time escapes me and never reach him. That you call handle time and naturally, I have none. “

The project aims Hyperactive especially elicit reactions from the academic authorities. “They should assure equal opportunities in Special Education School in Karachi, Pakistan. I.e. pave the way for these children to have the same opportunities as the rest. That success or failure depends on other factors, not his ADHD, “Fisherman claims.

special education schools

“I loved walking through the roof”

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and are not synonymous with failure. An example is Luis Rojas Marcos. Born in Seville in 1943 and the first official diagnosis of ADHD was established five decades later. Therefore, grew into chaos, with no one around him understood what prevented him from behaving like other children. But he finished his medical studies in 1975 and successive mayors of New York since 1981 entrusted the management or executive presidency Health System and Public Hospitals that huge city, composed of 16 hospitals and a network of clinics.

“I still get distracted: you start thinking about one thing and pass to another. But I no longer take medication. Well, sometimes I take a pill for my son [also with ADHD]. I is great. If I have to read a lot in solitude helps me focus. Not so much if I relate to people, it makes me tenser. “

Besides nervous and distracted, Rojas Marcos was very naughty. Hyperactive Account: “Six or seven years I loved walking along the rooftops or running a bike without brakes. My mother was born in a village called Liendo Cantabria and in summer we were on vacation. One day returning from the beach and my good friend Michael challenged me: ‘Luis, what you do not dare to put him fire to those bushes?’ I got the match. A few minutes burned an entire hillside that overlooks the beach. I stopped two police officers. In the barracks, a woman gave me candy. But I felt terrible. I wondered who the hell you are. How could you do this? Thank God it rained that afternoon and the fire was extinguished. In the most difficult times always showed some flesh angel rescued me. It was sometimes a friend, sometimes my sister. My mother was the most important angel “.

The greater redemption, as a student, was from the hand of a master, after school collapse that precipitated his departure from Seville Portaceli School at age 14, way known institute guys accept frisked.

“The first order given Doña Lolina, as director, was that I sit in the front row. Until then, the preferred site for me but also for the teachers had always been the last row. Doña Lolina explained years later, at my insistence to understand those transcendent moments of my life, I had detected something salvageable in me that I really identified “.

Institute of Behavioral Psychology is a multipurpose educational center. It is specialize in Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy School, Handicapped Children, Psychological Assessment and Psychological Testing in Karachi, Pakistan.

The protocol of the schools in the U.S.

The U.S. public schools since 1991 require identifying children with ADHD and check if the disorder interferes with their development. “A family may take legal action if a school serves them wrong,” says researcher Dr. Russell A. Barkley. These are some of their recommendations:

– A specialist. “Every school should have a teacher expert, who is responsible for children with ADHD in the center. Gathers information is in contact with parents and provides guidance to other teachers.”

– Is repeating course? “People think that if a child with ADHD is not paying attention, it is best to repeat the course. It is a wrong idea. The boys become more aggressive and girls more depressed and withdrawn. Breaking the few relationships they have and lose motivation. The smaller, the more damage will be done.”

– Who’s the boss? “It is important that teachers focus the first two weeks of school to manage classroom behavior. He takes command, only after start teaching.”

– Dose the job. “Children with ADHD are disabled and should not have as much work as a normal one. Two ways to do this: lowering the number of problems that have to perform, or splitting the work. If there are 30 math problems, we should not give them all at once. Say: ‘I give these five. Cannot get up until the finish, bring them to me and I’ll give you five.”

– In the first rank. “These kids should be in front and close to the teacher, in the front row if you can. Place them in the back of the class to not distract the other students is disastrous. The more boring the environment, the more hyperactive become “.

– Duties. “Children learn fast, do not need to do much work outside of school. In addition, parents are responsible to perform the work of teachers. I see elementary school children who need backpack, even with wheels. Schools that do not send homework do better than those who do not send. “

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