European Volunteer Team Building 50 Houses for Survivors of Nepal Earthquake

It often takes the tragedy of a disaster to bring people together and move many to show compassion to their fellow man. That is why Daan Pauwels and his team of volunteers have stepped up to help the people of Nepal reclaim their lives after the recent devastating earthquakes.

After two massive earthquakes struck Nepal earlier this year, more than 8,000 people lost their lives and many homes, roads and historical monuments were destroyed. Now, Pauwels and his team from Bulgaria are raising money to fund the construction of 50 modular homes to assist families in the post-disaster recovery.

As one of the least developed countries in the world, Nepal has a very high poverty rate, making it difficult for many of those affected to begin the rebuilding process. Even more challenging, rebuilding after a devastating earthquake can be the hardest and slowest process due to extensive damage to infrastructure and housing conditions. Many families have lost their homes and have been sleeping under open air tents even as seasonal monsoon rains threaten. It is evident that without outside help, it is likely that the country’s recovery will take many years.


The houses to be built are emergency settlement units that are suitable for accommodating people in the aftermath of unwelcome natural disasters such earthquakes, floods and fires. Construction falls within ISO 9001 international standards, with superior engineering and quality control system to protect its occupants from harsh weather elements.

The team previously constructed similar types of housing for Syrian refugees in Bulgaria, Europe who journeyed through Turkey to seek asylum. Designed to accommodate people in emergency situations, the houses built at the refugee camp houses many Syrian citizens fleeing war in their home country.

The fundraising campaign is currently in progress on Indiegogo to reach the goal of US$500,000. This amount will provide 50 modular houses for needy Nepalese families. Donors will receive tokens according to the level of their contribution, which will include keychain, mug, hat, t-shirt, hoodie, and umbrella. Any contributor who pledges $10,000 will be granted the opportunity to have the family’s name and home country presented on one of the housing trailers to be constructed.


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