Dianabol Promotes Lean Muscle Mass

Dianabol was earlier known as Methandrostenolone but its brand name is more popular. It is also called as Dbol. Because of its muscle building properties, Dianabol has been popular with athletes since some time. It is also helpful in increasing the strength of the muscles, which are essential to athletes in their professional life.

The working of Dianabol before and after

An anabolic steroid, Dianabol has multiple benefits when it comes to bodybuilding. Along with enhancing the mass of the muscles, Dianabol also benefits in enhancing the performance and strength and this can be seen within just 4-8 weeks of using Dianabol.


The pictures of users before and after the cycle of Dianabol proves how well muscle mass shows enhancement, strength and improvement. When orally taken, it also reduces the chance of any liver injury that is associated with long term use of certain steroids. Dianabol may cause water retention but that occurs because estrogen levels shoot up. Though it may look as the gain of muscle mass, once after oral administratio has been suspended, the water retention reduces. Testosterone levels increase though.

The recommended cycle for Dianabol is for six weeks and it benefits in many ways, primarily in building lean muscles and giving a good and high definition to muscles. It also brings about protein synthesis and also increase the performance of the muscles. Enhancing endurance levels is another benefit of Dianabol. It also helps in weight loss but it does not decrease muscle mass. That is why Dianabol continues to be popular with professional athletes. It brings about metabolic stimulation and bring about muscle gain and strength.

Dosage and side effects of Dianabol

An anabolic steroid, Dianabol is one of the best steroids out there for muscle building. At the same time, it is only with a healthy diet and good exercises that Dianabol can bring about maximum benefits. There are also additional benefits of Dianabol, one being it helps better sleep and also brings about mental wellness. Another reason it is beneficial to professional athletes is that it brings about better recovery after working out and also increases the level of workouts.

The recommended dosage of Dianaboli is different for injections and tablets. For injections, it is 50-150 mg a week while if you are taking tablets, then the dosage is reduced to 25-50 mg. Since there are side effects associated with the use of Dianabol, it is always best to take it under strict medical advice.

When taken as per the advice with respect to its dosage and cycles, Dianabol can cause minimal side effects but if it is misused or higher dosages is taken, then, Dianbaol can bring about serious side effects. It can lead to men breasts, liver damage or even cause a rise in blood pressure. In women, male characteristics can appear.

Those who are taking Dianabol for the very first time should not exceed 15 mg a day. Experienced users can take higher dosages but over 50 mg is not recommended. Another tip is to take Dianabol with grapefruit juice to enhance the absorption speed.

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