David Beckham Hits the Miami Scene

With the redevelopment and huge real estate boom we are seeing in Miami, everyone wants in on all the Miami luxury condos – particularly the stars. From Billy Joel, Matt Damon, and Celine Dion to Donald trump, Shakira and P. Diddy, a myriad of celebrities have made a home here in the Miami. Most recently, David Beckham has decided to move to the scene and bring his work with him. Beckham is hoping to expand his MLS soccer club into Miami and is pushing to have a soccer stadium built in the center of this prosperous market.

Pursuing the Legal Requirements
To ensure his dreams come true, Beckham has hired Tallahassee lobbyist Brian Ballard to aid in his current conquest of receiving a tax subsidy for his stadium project. Other professional sports teams have received subsidies while undergoing similar construction projects in the past. While the exact amount Beckham is requesting in tax assistance is unknown, we can make a good estimation by looking at what other sports teams have received. The Miami Dolphins, for example, received $2 million in annual subsidies for 30 years, when they began their project almost 15 years ago so that the Sun Life Stadium could be used for baseball.

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Why Miami?

There is no mystery as to why Beckham has chosen Miami as the home for his new venture. With its near perfect weather, luxurious image, and flourishing real estate market, Miami is the perfect place to build an urban sports arena. In addition, Miami consists of a large population of Latin Americans who hold soccer near and dear as it is the most popular sport in many of their home countries. Considering all of these factors, there seems to be little risk involved in Beckham’s newest urban development plans for Miami.

Miami Becomes the Light and the End of the Tunnel

When the stadium is finished, this project is sure to push values of Miami homes even higher. With success building upon success, we are beginning to see Miami’s real estate growth moving at an exponential rate and can forecast a steep climb in property values for at least the next decade.  As compared to the rest of the United States, Miami is shining bright as the light at the end of the recession tunnel.

Now that Beckham has received the OK, he has been seen around town scouting potential locations for his stadium to be built. Miami real estate investors are keeping a close eye on this project to ensure they will get a slice of the market, wherever Beckham decides to build. We all know the number one rule of real estate – location, location, location.  While Miami is already well established as THE location for real estate investors, it is particularly important to keep an eye on which neighborhoods are  primed for the most growth in coming years. Whichever neighborhood ultimately “wins” Beckham’s new stadium will end up on the top of that list!

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