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Special Education School

When Suspended Special Education School

They fail the title of the ESO, do not know enough math, sciences or English … And if you come to college and leave with a degree, are placed in positions that require less preparation. The rain of negative news about the knowledge of Spanish students and Spanish educational system health (from the University ESO) »

special education schools

The College of Special Education Alborada and Handicapped Children

The Minister of Education, Government of Aragon, Maria Victoria Broto, has known operation Cubo Images, a system through images, sounds and melodies achieved activate sensory stimuli and visual learners. The center, which has 100 students, is a benchmark in the development of technological projects applied to Special Education school in Karachi, Pakistan. The application of »

top 10 universities in world

Top 10 universities in the World in 2013

Cambridge surpasses Harvard Again in positions of Best Universities in the World. For consecutive two years, the University of Cambridge U.K. ranked higher than Harvard in the World’s top Universities. Six distinctive points were assessed to rank the top 400 universities in the world, comprising academic status, management repute, student’s ability ratio, share of worldwide »

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