5 Tips When Growing A Vegetable Patch

Growing your own vegetable patch at home can be a very exciting and challenging thing, and more than anything it is very rewarding when you dig up your first grown vegetable. It may seem like a thing which is too difficult for you to do at your home, but in actual fact it really is not difficult to start your own vegetable patch. All you need is a little time, effort and concentration and you are well on the way to starting your vegetable patch.

Plenty of Sun

I understand that we don’t get that much sun in the UK, but you should start growing your vegetable patch in the place in your garden that receives the most sun when it is shining brightly. There is not much point in growing your patch in a shady corner of your garden as you will find that your vegetables will struggle to grow in this area. Your vegetables will grow much better in the summer, this is obviously because of the better weather which we get in the summer time. Your vegetable patch should also be placed in an area which is not surrounded by other plants and bushes, as this will reduce the amount of slugs which you will get infesting the area.


Once you have decided where your vegetable patch is going to be located, you then have to start preparing the patch. You should start by digging up the soil, you should dig as deep as the length of a spade. Whilst digging up the soil in the patch you should remove any debris and stones which you find in the soil as they can be in the way of your vegetables growing. You should also remove any weeds which are growing in this area, it is important that you remove the weeds by the root so that you can ensure that they won’t grow back.


When digging up your vegetable patch, you will need to decide what condition your soil is in. If it looks rather dry and not very good for your vegetables to be growing in then you should go down to your local garden centre where you can pick up some compost for the patch. The better condition your soil is the better your vegetables will grow.


Once your vegetable patch is ready, it is now time to start planting your vegetables. You should make sure that you give each of your vegetables enough room to grow properly, the smaller the space you give them the more unhealthy they are going to be as they are going to be weak and small. Depending on the vegetables which you are growing will decide how much space you have to give them.


You don’t just need to grow your vegetables in a vegetable patch, if you wanted to grow a few extra things, why not pot some vegetables as well? You can start by potting some herbs such as basil or rosemary; you can even grow these indoors all through the year.

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