5 Tips for Designing Powerful Point of Sale Packaging

The chief purpose of point of sale packaging is to push the sales of a product. To accomplish this, the packaging must catch attention, create an interest and encourage consumers to engage. But how do you master this in its design? Here are 5 tips that will help you set off on the right track…Before you start any design work, you need to be fully aware of: The function of the product that will accompany the packaging The product’s Unique Selling Points The product’s target audience The brand’s USPs, values and target audience The intended location of the packaging Any competitor POS packaging Do you research and liaise with your client as much as possible to get up to speed with these factors.

Designing Powerful Point of Sale Packaging

If you head into the project fully informed then your designs won’t stray from the objectives. Integrate POS and Product PackagingPOS packaging are worth nothing without its partner in power: product packaging. And even if you’re not responsible for both of these elements, you still need to ensure that they fit together seamlessly in terms of design, messaging and brand values.

If the product packaging has already been designed then you should take this as your inspiration but otherwise arrange to meet with the designer to ensure your ideas correlate.ContentKeep all of the following tips in mind when you begin work on the design of your POS packaging:ShapeChoose a shape of POS that will: Stand apart from competing brands Stand apart from surrounding POS packaging Generate interest from consumers Provide easy access to the product The shape of your POS packaging will also depend on how many products are being advertised.

For example, if the purpose of the packaging is to display various DVD box sets then it will require sections to sort the products. In contrast, if the packaging is to display one flavor of crisps then a dump bin could prove more accessible and more effective.

 To inject even more power into your POS, you could choose a shape that: Resonates with the product, the product’s function or ingredients Captures the brand values Reflects a key advertising messageVisualsImages that show a product without its packaging or in use are often effective. This can help to stimulate desire in consumers, speak to their ambitions and generate an emotional response.

For example, An image of a cake oozing with jam could stimulate hunger An image of a woman wearing fake eyelashes could speak to an aspiration to be beautiful Remember to take into account the brand values and target audience to gain an understanding of which images could work best.CopyMore often than not, the copy will be supplied for your design.

Yet, you might have to tweak this content in order to set it up for the best response. In your POS design, always include: These features will help to generate desire for the product and will encourage consumers to further engage with the advertisement.

Any copy that’s included also needs to be clear and simple. Don’t beat around the bush, just get to the point. And there should only ever be one message to communicate per design – any more and you risk confusing consumers.Colour and Graphics You might be limited in your designs by brand and product packaging but you are still responsible for implementing these values in the most impactful way. Use: Varied text sizes and positions and always be bold. Get Interactive Improve consumer engagement by implementing features that stimulate interaction with the POS.

These could include: Leaflets about the product Discount vouchers for the product QR code for consumers to use on their mobile devices these features also work to increase the reach of the advertisement; they give consumers the opportunity to share their information with friends and family away from the POS location.

Go Digit alto land your POS packaging firmly in the 21st Century, incorporate a video or touch screen. A video screen can display advertisements for the products, client testimonials or informative clips while a touch screen could be used to set up a quiz, a game or a vote.

This digital equipment well helps gauge consumer interest, build the brand’s reputation and encourage sales. The power is in your hands: design point of sale packaging that sells and you’ll gain loyal clients. Discover more about point of sale packaging at www.phlaminators.com

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