3 Tips for Athletes trying Mountain Biking for the First Time

Mountain biking is a competitive sport that is picking up in several countries right now. It is an exhilarating sport that keeps audiences on their toes and that is why people follow it. If you like seeing people partake in high-paced dangerous sports, then you too will enjoy watching competitive mountain biking.

While mountain biking is done professionally by a lot of people, there are several healthy benefits to it.  First of all, since it takes your away from the stresses and pollution of the cities, it is a great stress buster. Apart from that, since you will be spending so much energy in climbing trials, it is a great cardio workout for improving lung capacity and increasing stamina.

So, if you are already doing some form of sport, and want to increase your stamina and lung capacity, you should try out mountain biking. It is a thrilling sport.

In this article, you will find a few tips that will help you in transition to mountain biking with ease.

Tip 1: While crossing steep descent move your body weight to the back of your bike

Traditional bicyclists don’t have to move their body weight while riding on plane surfaces, but in mountain biking, moving your weight is very important. It doesn’t matter whether you are climbing a regular trail, or a steep one, you will have to move your weight forward to maintain balance. Similar, while doing downhill, or on steep descents, you will have to move your body weight at the back of your vehicle. Some mountain bikers go so far at the back that the saddle of the bike is visible while climbing down steep descents.

Tip 2: Trust that your equipment will take a beating if need be

Road cyclists are quite afraid of hitting obstacles because they fear that it will damage their bikes which only the best road bikes can withstand. It is true that most road bikes are not designed to take the brunt from the road, but mountain bikes are. Mountain bikes are capable of handling anything you throw at them, therefore, while mountain biking, you should not be afraid of running into potholes, rocks, trash, etc. You mountain bike is strong enough in overcoming them.

The reason mountain bikes can do this is that they have excellent shock absorbers fitting into them. These shock absorbers can handle a lot of impact and other joints in the bike are not affected because of them. By trusting that your mountain bike can handle the brunt, you will take more risks and become a more confident and skilled rider.

Tip 3: Your bike is not designed to look pretty and you should not expect it to

Road cyclists can get their bikes to stay in mint condition for years. By taking good care of a road bike, you can make it look pretty for several years, but it is not the same with mountain bikes. The moment you take a bike out on a technical session, it is not coming back to your garage in a pristine condition. It will get scratched, bent dented. You should accept that and learn to live with it but getting the best cannondalemtg bikes can help lower your bike’s vulnerability to such dents and scratches so do check out a couple before making final a purchase.

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