3 Great Businesses You Can Start in College

If you are an entrepreneur at heart, going to college is just the first step in owning your business. When you are attending school, you will learn the basics of accounting, marketing, and other aspects of economics that will be useful for when you open your doors.

So many college students focus so much on earning their degrees while they are in school that they overlook why they are working so hard. The entire reason you are in school is to become the entrepreneur that you have dreamed of becoming. If this is the case, why not consider opening your own business while you are in college to see just what it feels like to be your own boss and handle every aspect of business operations. Here are 3 great businesses you can start in college to get the firsthand experience.

Great Businesses

  1. A Web Design Company If you want to start a business that does not require much capital, you might want to consider opening your own web design company. To some, the idea of designing web pages for professionals and businesses might sound like a task that requires a lot of experience. While some experience is necessary, it is all about being creative and thinking of new designs that are original and unique. You and some of your technologically savvy friends can take on different parts of the business. Have your programming friend handle computer programming, your accounting major handle your bookkeeping, and you can handle the marketing with all of the skills you are learning in school.
  2. An Event Management Firm Opening an event management firm requires little to no capital. If you love events and you have always had a passion for planning your friends’ parties, why not earn money while you plan events on a larger scale? The special event industry has grown dramatically in the recent years. In fact, research shows that the special events industry has reached $500 billion a year. Before you can start marketing your planning services to a specific niche, you need to decide what type of events you want to specialize in. You might want to plan parades or birthday parties or meetings and product launches, depending on your interests. As a college student, you may want to start young and plan graduations for fellow students. As the word spreads, you will generate a larger book-of-business through referrals.
  3. Opening a Photography Business If you have a passion for photography, you might want to consider using all of the skills you have learned in photography classes to become a professional photographer when you are in school. You need to start by choosing a specific niche before you start to advertise and promote your services. . You may want to take wedding photos, pictures of children, school pictures, or event pictures at local clubs and bars.

If you work on your skills and you invest in a quality camera, you can make money in no time and earn a reputation in the industry while you are still in school. You do not have to have access to a small fortune to start a business while you are still in school. In fact, college students can earn a reputation as an entrepreneur before they even earn a degree if they know where to focus their time.

 Launching a business in college can set you up for a successful future. Consider all of the different start-up ideas and then consider what skills you will need. If you start a business that will keep you interested, you may never have to worry about answering to a boss or applying for a job once you graduate. Sam Dalton is a business administrator and guest author at BestCollegesOnline.org, where he contributed to the guide to the Top 10 Most Affordable Online Colleges. I am Shiraz Ali Internet Marketing & SEO Experts. I am the founder and editor of labor, a blog to find and submit the free guest post and get free Do-Follow backlinks for your site.

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