A Quick Look at the Arborist – His Craft and Tools

Often people will ask which professional they should hire: an arborist or a tree pruning expert. The answer is that they are not necessarily the same, so decide what you are looking for. Would you just like someone to reshape a few cherry trees for looks, or is your interest more in-depth? What is an Arborist? An arborist has been educated in the health and maintenance of trees.

Craft and Tools

He knows what he is looking at when a tree of some kind shows signs of sickness, such as an insect infestation or a lack of soil nutrients. He can tell when a branch should come off or a whole tree is unstable and should come down.

His expertise ranges from deciduous trees that live just a few decades to ancient firs, and it crosses all national boundaries. What Will an Arborist Do? If you live on an estate and have many trees, call an arborist to assess the health of your trees once in a while. You might not have any reason to be worried, but consider this as maintenance.

When trees fall on people on private property, householders are liable for damages. It might also be the case that you know certain trees should be removed or pruned. In this case, a professional arborist can not only do this for you but also offer an assessment of the tree’s overall wellbeing — an assessment that might affect the way you look at your other trees.

If a pest is in the area, it might be time to use certain sprays or other forms of pest repellent. Perhaps more trees of certain types planted around existing species will offer soil support. There is more to the discipline than cutting.

Tools of an Arborist the typical Skyland arborist equipment belonging to someone in this profession includes a wide range of pruning shears. There are long handled and short handled varieties. Ladders are important as well. Sometimes they have to use mobile lift buckets like those required by window cleaners. They also use grinding machines. These reduce the stumps of felled trees to dust which is level with the ground.

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